IVF Project 2020

IVF Project 2020


The international cartoons competition  "Brain Sneezing - from kalokagathia to hypochondria and back" is in the years 2020 - 2021 financially supported by the International Visegrad Fund. The topic of the current competition is Free People, for whom is typical freedom of thinking and expression without limitations and fear. Free People often have to face an aggressive power, which tries to rule, manipulate and deform civic society by threatening, discrediting even liquidating its opponents. Cartoonists diagnose the reasons for breaking the freedom of expression, ridicule arrogance and motivate the viewers to overcome fear and ignorance.


The international competition is announced by  PRERAG, Prešov Development Agency. The exhibitions will be displayed also in Poltava and Uzhhorod (Ukraine), Baja (Hungary), Nowy Targ (Poland), Rataje nad Sázavou (Czech Republic) and Presov (Slovakia).


The partners of the competitions and exhibitions:


Čtrnáctka, Rataje nad Sázavou - Czech Republic

SL-TRADE BT - Hungary

K.L.M.N. Reklamiroda BT - Hungary

Town Cultural Centre Nowy Targ - Poland

Ukrainian Association of Cartoonists "Karljuka" - Ukraine

District Cultural-Educational Organisation of Matica Slovenska in Zacarpathie - Ukraine

ZOM Presov - the Abylimpiada Gallery - Slovakia